​Kraus Group, Inc. offers the most experienced team of inspectors dedicated to serving homeowners home watch needs.  Our decades of experience in home inspections make us the right company to trust with your home.  As experienced professionals, we recognize home issues that most untrained professionals may not notice.

Whether you call it your vacation home, second home, or main residence, the last thing you need to worry about is your investment.  Noticing a home disaster is easy...preventing one is extremely difficult.  With Kraus Group, Inc., our approach is provide you with an experienced inspector looking after the home in a methodical and professional way to ensure that disasters are avoided and your investment is well maintained and protected.

The following are items that will be checked and inspected during our visit:

Exterior Items:
- Roof
- Garage
- Inspection of landscaping/irrigation
- Doors / Windows
- Lanai and pool levels
- Signs of vandalism

Interior Items: 
- Doors / Windows
- Walls / ceilings / floor for moisture intrusion
- Odors 
- Insect infestation
- Plumbing (sinks, toilets, showers, water heater) / Run water to keep traps from drying out and prevent sewer gases form entering your home
- Electrical panel

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Call Kraus Group, Inc. today and we can customize a Home Watch Program to give you peace of mind and suit your needs.  Home Watch visits include a visual inspection of your home and property looking for obvious issues.  We provide a digital report that includes images of your property.  Our detailed inspections help you choose which items need repaired and when.  Choose the professional that best understands how all your home systems operate.